Friday, April 8, 2011

Hi:):):) today's post is a little different... its my little brother's birthday tommorrow so i wrote him a story and he is the main character!!! hope you like it:)


Kaden was a little boy who lived in a magical kingdom. That kingdom was called Earth.

Earth was a tricky place. It was magical but nobody that lived there knew it was magic.

Fairies, mermaids, dragons, and many other creatures lived on Earth, hidden because

of something that happened long ago; a war between the humans and Magicals. The

war was so bad that the Magicals and humans had to stay away from each other for

what seemed would be forever. Even though the Magicals stayed hidden, sometimes

they would pick one special person to share their secrets with. These people were

called MagiCallers.

Meet Azurite.

It was a hot day, and Kaden was outside exploring. He had his magnifying glass and

was looking for rocks and bugs and other fun stuff. Just as he bent down to pick up

a small rock, the trees started to sway, and then they slowly bent over to form an

archway. Kaden looked up at them.

an archway. Kaden started walking through the trees, and every time he went under

one, it bent back up. When he reached the last tree, he saw a big rock and on that rock,

“Whoa!” he said, just as the trees finished making

was a small, blue, dragon.

The dragon looked at Kaden. “Hello Kaden,” it said. “My name is Azurite, and I have

been waiting for you.” At first, Kaden was scared. He had never seen a dragon and

didn’t know what to do. Then Azurite asked him if he wanted a ride. Kaden said yes and

climbed on Azurite’s back.

In the sky, Azurite went really fast. He zoomed past clouds and then landed in the

middle of a big grass area. Kaden saw a bunch of little flowers in the grass, and they

seemed to be glowing, but when they landed, Kaden realized that they were fairies!

Save the Dragons

Azurite told Kaden that he needed help. Every year crystal dragons had to fly all over

the world and plant CrystalSeeds, which would grow into diamonds, rubies, and all other

types of crystals. But something really bad had happened. Azurite’s whole family had

been trapped by the Darkeniers, who were evil fairies that wanted all the crystals for

themselves. Azurite needed Kaden’s help to stop the Darkeniers and save his family!

The Tunnel

The next thing Kaden and azurite did was go to azurite’s home. Kaden was a scientist,

so he looked around for some clues. Azurite lived in a cave covered with crystals.

KADEN SAW small writing all over that cave. Then he noticed a small place where the

crystal was darker and there was no writing.

“What’s that?” he asked, pointing to the spot. Azurite looked and saw too.

“I don’t know...” he said. Then he went over and put his paw on it. Then he gently

scratched, and the crystal slowly melted away to reveal a bare stone wall.

“That’s weird!” said azurite.

“What is it?” asked Kaden.

“I don’t know… I have never seen this before.” Then, he tried scratching the wall again,

the stone fell down, and behind it was a long, dark tunnel.

After walking in the tunnel for a few minutes, Kaden and azurite saw a small door.

They both ran towards the door and opened it. They were amazed to see three fairies

wearing all black. The fairies looked surprised, but then one of them shot a cloud of

smoke at Kaden. Azurite blew out a breath and a wall of crystals covered them both.

Suddenly three dragons, much bigger than azurite, broke down the cave walls and

knocked down the fairies. Azurite looked happy and cried out:


“Mom! Dad! Swarovski!” The three dragons were azurite’s family. After azurite and his

family were reunited, everyone looked around for the fairies. They were nowhere to be

seen. Then the bigger dragons explained.

“This cave and the tunnel held the fairy power, when you broke the tunnel seal and we

broke the walls, the fairy power disintegrated and so did the fairies! We won! Good job

Kaden and azurite!”


Next, Azurite took Kaden back home. Before he let Kaden go, Azurite breathed out two

small quartz crystals with a string around each of them to make necklaces. One was big

and one was smaller. Azurite gave the smaller one to Kaden and said,

“This way, you will never forget our adventure!” Kaden put the necklace on and gave

azurite a hug. “Thank you!” he said. Then he ran inside to tell his family all about his


Oh, did I mention it was kaden’s birthday??

Happy Birthday Kaden.

To be continued

oh and here is the dragon i drew, azurite: