Sunday, January 23, 2011

Okay:) Well.... hopefully this is the last change i will make... 

I just cant decide!!!!! This one's working title is Mer-Made..... 


I waved to my mom as I boarded the S.O.S. Nice name, right? My mom was teary-eyed, but I was used to this. I’ve traveled by boat, plane, train, and even taxi traveling between parents. Its not that they are divorced or anything, but my dad travels alot to strange places for long periods of time. My mom wont leave her job, but I don't mind. Especially when I get to travel by boat. My dad is an oceanographer, so I guess I get my love of the sea from him. My mom waved. 
“I love you C-lion!” she said. Okay, my name is not c-lion. Its Coral. Thats just my nickname. Well, I nodded and then ran up into the boat. 
I was on a cruise ship. Or rather, what was supposed to be a cruise. It was a medium-sized boat with 25 cabins below deck, and a small room with tables and a food bar on deck. I wasnt expecting much, in fact, this was better then some of the so called cruise ships I’ve been on. 
I walked to my cabin, cabin 13, and got settled in. The walls were wood and covered with chipping light blue paint. I liked it though, it felt… cozy, I guess. I opened one of my bags. It was filled with posters and pictures of my family. I pinned them up all over the walls. Then I put my blanket and pillow on the bed. I pushed aside the bag with my clothes in it and laid down on the bed. Then I feel asleep. 
I woke up to a rapid pounding on my door. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, then went and opened the door. The person at the door had tangled brown hair and bright blue eyes. She looked about fifteen years old. 
“Hi,” she said, breathless “you need to-” she inhaled “get to a lifeboat.” I stared at her, confused. 
“ A lifeboat? Why?” but, I answered my own question, because right at that moment I noticed the boat was rocking violently back and forth. The girl shook her head and told me to follow her. So I did. 
We were running up the stairs to the deck and cafeteria. I noticed that there was nobody down at the cabins; the doors were all open and the floor was covered in water. It was hard to climb the stairs with the boat throwing us all over the place, but I could finally see the hatch. In order to get to the deck, you had to open a small hatch. The girl reached up and twisted the lock. She pushed on the hatch, but it wouldnt budge. She kept pushing. Nothing. Her eyes were frantic when she looked at. The water was quickly  filling, and was already at out knees. The beating of my heart was painful. Then I had an idea. 
“I have an idea!” my voice shook as I told her my idea, but so did her head. 
“Its crazy” she said. 
“I know, but its our only chance,” I said. She sighed and then reluctantly nodded. The water was already up to our elbows. I was going to swim down to my cabin and out one of the portholes. If I could get out, I would then climb up the side of the boat. Once on deck, I could come and unjam to hatch from the top.
Even though I didnt even know her name, I hugged the girl. She whispered “good luck” and then I dove in. 
The water was freezing! It was foggy and dark, so I could barely see anything. I felt my way along the walls, and then i felt a small circular piece of glass. A porthole!!

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